Monday, September 5, 2011

PENGUIN #12 The Compleat Angler

Adopted by Brett in New Zealand

(my first mailing to New Zealand!)

Brett has a very interesting blog, Photo-Sleuth, where he examines old photographs.

He writes "I spent a very pleasant day out fishing the local rivers with my brother last week, so this card fits right in.  We didn't catch anything worth keeping, but that wasn't the point, as a read of "The Compleat Angler" will attest!"

Although I don't fish, I agree with that last sentiment about most things in life... if you enjoy what you are doing, the end product doesn't matter that much!

Brett had downloaded an older publication of The Compleat Angler and he sent me this wonderful woodcut from the book in an email.

And finally here are the wonderful stamps he used:
The one on the right is really beautiful, although it's a little hidden by the postmark.  It's of a kiwi!

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