Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Month of Letters, Feb. 2 & 3

Every year I participate in Letter Mo. The objective is to write and send a piece of mail every day of the month of February when the Post Office is open.  So, no Sundays and no holidays.

Every year I fail to a greater or lesser extent. But it's still fun and it still encourages me to get into the habit of writing every day.

Here are the outgoing for the first two days, February 2nd and 3rd. 

 I will post most of them with the recipient blurred out so that there won't be ruined surprises.
Except for friends like Ian, who I'm pretty positive don't read my blog.
 I've made a ton of Valentine's Day envelopes in preparation. I think I have 12 left. I used to have an enormous stack of scrapbook paper and I got rid of most of it, because I just wasn't using it. I had gotten it all for free so I thought I should pass it on to someone who would use it. I did keep a bunch of the Valentinesy looking paper and a lot of the envelopes I've made are done with that. This envelope to Ian however was made using "Pack - O - Fun" the only scrap-craft magazine!

The envelope used the cover of the February 1968 volume. The things inside are mostly ridiculous or slightly creepy like the above "Frilly Snail".


  1. First off, whenever I read your blog I get instantly hungry by the picture of pie. I'm kinda upset right now that I don't have any pie to eat.

    This made me laugh out loud, "Every year I fail to a greater or lesser extent." Dang, Emilie! Get your act together and finish Letter Mo for once in your life! ;) I'm not participating this year because I'm lazy.

  2. hahaha
    I'm going strong so far! 4 days in a row!