Sunday, March 29, 2015

To and fro with Allison Anne

I received a lovely first letter from Allison Anne of Dear Detective.

Isn't that quilt gorgeous?

For some reason when I link to her blog it won't let me link to the specific blog post where she blogged about this, but it was on March 24th.  I had been wondering if the white labels saying Champaign IL 61821 were done by her or the post office, so it was fun seeing her post and discovering that they were put on by the post office! I guess they didn't like the way she addressed it. But I'm happy as long as I get my mail!

 She sent me some fun things inside as well as a great letter.
I really love these cassette tape labels!

I sent her back a letter in an envelope made from a poster I'd been hoarding since my Indianapolis trip. Such a gorgeous painting. 

I can't wait to see what her next letter will bring!


  1. well, you will know soon enough, as i already mailed it :D thank you so much for the wonderful mail and great feature blogpost! i'm so delighted by our correspondence already! i am pretty tickled that the usps added their own little mark, and that a little 'bite' got taken out of the bottom of my envelope. the staff at my post office chided me on friday for my mail art activities. CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP!

    1. The little bite that was taken out was done by me! I opened it on the bottom by accident. :-) I rarely go to the post office with my mail art. Normally I just put it in a blue box, unless it's a package. I hope it's good natured chiding! :-/

  2. oh, and there's some domain forwarding wackiness going on with my blog - the direct link to the post is