Sunday, May 10, 2015

Incoming from Mrs. Duffy

I mentioned recently that there are some correspondents who I recognize immediately from the envelope or mail art. Mrs. Duffy is another one of these because of her incredible handwriting.

I used to write in a sort of hybrid of cursive and print; it was fast and easy. I'd forgotten a lot of the capital letters in cursive, like Q and Z. After getting a letter from Mrs. Duffy where she talked about cursive I looked up some of the letters I'd forgotten and started to write much more frequently in cursive. Sometimes I still use my hybrid. I really love writing certain letters. Lowercase z's are lovely, and I feel really proud of myself when I do a good lowercase r, which I feel might be the hardest letter to do nicely.

Today is a lazy Sunday. Because it rained last night I'm giving myself permission not to mow the grass. It needs to dry out more! I have a bachelorette party to go to later tonight, but until then, I plan on relaxing and writing some letters... maybe putting on the latest LWA virtual social which I still haven't gotten around to watching!


  1. That is some beautiful handwriting! I hate uppercase cursive letters (mostly because I can't make them look nice). My favorite cursive letters to write are s, f, and l. :)

  2. Thanks for the kind word! The letter at top was hand cancelled. Did the seal survive? I've had trouble with that of late.

    1. It was partly scraped off. :-/ Do you use different types of wax?

    2. And after hand-cancelling too.... The hand cancelled envelope has a different wax than the earlier envelope on which I used my standard wax, the wax I've returned to recently.