Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Transition your castle for the new season!

For those of us with a small budget, the changing season offers a challenge to transition our summer castles over to a more appropriate look for fall and Halloween. 
Here's a simple how-to for revamping your look!

First, find that castle you've been enjoying all spring and summer with those bright blue skies and flower pots out front

 With a few simple supplies I can show you how to transition into fall.

- a black sharpie (it goes much faster if you have one of the King Size ones)

- orange glitter glue

First, using the Sharpie color in those blue skies and flower pots.
Next, trace the outline of the castle with the orange glitter glue.

Ta da! A Halloween castle, made from simple things you can find in your craft closet at home!

If you want to layer on some more accessories, don't forget to wait until the glitter glue dries.


  1. Love the idea, so quick and easy yet so effective :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It was a fun post to write up too. :-)