Monday, August 22, 2016

Dinner Pies- Empanadas!

In the past week or so I've made a few dinner pies. They seem more economical than sweet pies, because well, I need to eat dinner, and I don't necessarily need to eat dessert.

It's been really fun and Clay and Anna helped me with them.

I got out a book from the library of empanada recipes: Empanadas, the Hand-held Pies of Latin America, and we made chorizo and potato empanadas. They were delicious! We added hard boiled eggs because the book said that was a common empanada component, and hard boiled eggs are delicious.

First you cook the filling because the filling needs to refrigerate for as long as possible. And then you make the dough- there were several different recipes, some good for frying, some for baking.

We fried ours, golden brown!
At first we were a little disappointed that we only had enough dough to make 8 empanadas. But we felt silly when we realized we could only eat about one and a half each, and the next day they were even better cold!

Clay made this delicious salsa verde from tomatillas.

It's been fun making savory pies because they are so different and I don't necessarily know how to make them any better than Clay or Anna. I like learning new things.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


To my friend from childhood, who shared my love of horses:

An Arthur Rackham calendar envelope:
 This blue floral washi tape was a gift from my mom and it's really neat because it's fabric! I really like how stretchy it is, and it also seems much more sturdy than regular washi tape. The only downside (which isn't a huge deal) is that it doesn't take well to having things glued or stuck on top of it.

Stamp selvage on a letter to Erica.