Monday, February 7, 2011

Incoming 2-7-2011

A postcard from my aunt in Florida.  I usually am not the kind of person who prefers exotic beaches and palm trees, but this postcard has captured my desires perfectly.  After this much snow and icky slush in Boston, I am ready for the beach!!

A postcard from Andy Geezer, the creator of the MailArt365 project and the website  Thanks Andy!

Also, here is the great stamp he used.  I love these Winnie the Pooh stamps from the UK! Last year I reread the Winnie the Pooh and House at Pooh Corner... They still make me laugh out loud...
“If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.”

A postcard from Morrissey, another 365er... I love her sense of humor.

A postcard from Jennie Hinchcliff... I bought her book, Good Mail Day, (co-authored with Carolee Wheeler) before I had joined the MailArt365 project, so it's been really cool to get mail from her!

From RiaViewMirror, her blog here.

The piece of paper in the middle looks like it's from a check- very interesting.

Michalis in Greece, sent me a monotype.  The paper it's on is almost tissue thin!  I was impressed with his stamp placement on the envelope too.  He layered stamps over one another.  I would be scared to do this myself, because it seems like something the postoffice wouldn't like, but it worked for him and it looks great!

 And finally, my favorite one, because my dad made it. He made this envelope out of seed packets that we bought and planted together.  He sent me an article about a border collie that knows over 1,000 words!

Our dog, Mattie, is an Australian Cattle dog, similar in temperament and energy to Border Collies.

I think she's that smart too. 

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