Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Letter Opener

My mom has a few letter openers and was kind enough to lend me one, a while ago, but it wasn't exactly my style and I've dreamed of the perfect letter opener for a long time.  Earlier this year I bought my own, and it was not exactly what I had always dreamed of, a metal one with a horse or a fairy engraved on it (haha), but it is very beautiful in its own way, and has endured very well despite its fragile appearance.

It is made from wood- feels like balsa wood, but who knows? 
I bought it from Crossroads Trade, when it was still a physical store in Coolidge Corner.  Now it is an online-only store, that you can visit here.

I don't have very many special "mail" tools, so my letter opener is very special to me.  Do you have any special mail tools?


  1. I have some rubber stamps which are specifically for outgoing mail. You might get to see samples in the very, very near future.

  2. I have a letter opener made in Ivory, and an other one coming from New-Zealand, with a maori face.