Monday, April 11, 2011


I just bought these stamps today after quite a stamp drought.  For a lonnnng time the post office that I go to only had the Hawaiian Rain Forest stamps, and while I love those, I'd probably bought about 8 sheets of them already and I was READY for a change!  To my delight, the post office offered these beauties today.

And, here are some other upcoming stamps to be issued this year that I am especially excited about:

I like these "Love" stamps more than any other love stamps I've seen in the series!

and finally and most importantly.... 



  1. Hi, you really have great stamps in USA!!
    i'm a Postmuse's friend, and I'd like to take part of your orphan penguin project. I sent you a mail. I'm waiting for your answer to send you my address. I'd like to adopt "the conquest of Gaul".
    Best regards!

  2. I am very excited about all these stamps! PIXAR!!! I LOVE the LOVE stamp.

    Thanks for the photos. I'm looking forward to mailing things.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love the Bearden, Love, and Dog stamps!