Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Catch Up Outgoing Mail Post!

A long post today with a bunch of photos of outgoing mail.  I need to catch up!

This one went out to my friend Dana, a BIG Chipotle fan.  While I was in New York visiting my brother's little family I went to Chipotle with my sister-in-law and found this awesome Chipotle newspaper: The Gold Burrito Digest.  I knew at once that I had to send it to Dana.

Even sending rent checks can be fun!


A letter sent out to my poppa while I was on vacation in Maryland.

A letter to my Aunt Denise

Birthday card to my cousin Dominique - It was her sweet 16!

Letter to my friend Anitha, she studies sexuality and gender studies and I thought she would find this advertisement funny.  It is an electric wine bottle opener, but it really looks like something else...

A little collage & letter to Fast Eyes who I found on
She said she likes Tom Waits, as do I, which is the inspiration for the quote on the back of the envelope.  I was really excited about writing to her because on her profile she says: "Am an animal-lover, would like to save them all. Please protect worms and slugs!"  I had a fun time writing to her about my efforts to make friends with bugs.

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