Saturday, May 7, 2011

Postcard Mailart from Poppa

Mailart from my Poppa.  He told me that when he saw this picture of the man looking at the ram, it seemed like he was gazing into its eyes with forbidden love.

At first I thought it was funny that he wrote "postcard" on it, but my dad always tapes his mailart to within an inch of its life whether it's an envelope or a postcard, so I guess it was necessary to distinguish between the two. haha

It makes me so happy that my dad makes stuff like this.  It's so easy for him to get excited about the things I love, whether it be horses/mules or mailart, and when he does, he makes it his own.

He made me the most beautiful and special birthday present I've ever received, and I think I'm going to post about it in a while.  Right now I just want to keep it private for a little while.  But it's the most beautiful piece of folk art.

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  1. This is awesome. I read it and hope that my kids get similar enjoyment out of the random stuff I make and send them! Thanks for sharing. and howdy to POPPA!