Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Post

So my birthday was back in May and I wanted to share some of the lovely birthday cards and gifts I received in the mail!

A beautiful decorated box from my Aunt B. 
I love the pictures of beautiful young women she put on the box!
And inside were some really cute little bug pushpins and a gorgeous unicorn postcard.

When I was younger my Aunt B. gave me a beautiful book called Let's Have a Tea Party, by Emilie Barnes. The little girl in the book was named Emilie too! It felt so special and the whole book was just so wonderful. You can see some of the inside pages here on Amazon.

Speaking of tea, here is an beautiful birthday card from my good friend Iryna:

Iryna is from Belarus, but now she lives in the States. 
I love that she translated the Russian on this card for me.

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