Thursday, June 9, 2011

Outgoing, Purple Cow

I sent this purple cow to my grandparents. 
My mom, in one of the many creative things she does, makes calendars for our family as Christmas presents.  Now she mostly uses photos, but when she first started she also included poems.  The purple cow poem was one that stuck vividly in my mind.
Even more fun than the original are the copycat poems made by others making fun of it!

Here's another poem that I remember my mom introducing me to through her calendars.

By Emily Dickenson

The grass so little has to do, --
A sphere of simple green,
With only butterflies to brood,
And bees to entertain,

And stir all day to pretty tunes
The breezes fetch along,
And hold the sunshine in its lap
And bow to everything;

And thread the dews all night, like pearls,
And make itself so fine, --
A duchess were too common
For such a noticing.

And even when it dies, to pass
In odors so divine,
As lowly spices gone to sleep,
Or amulets of pine.

And then to dwell in sovereign barns,
And dream the days away, --
The grass so little has to do,
I wish I were the hay!

The children's book above is one that I read many times
when I was young.  It is about a little girl who lives across
the street from Emily Dickenson.  I always felt a special
kinship with her since I share her name.

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