Sunday, July 31, 2011

And the winner is...

Felicia in Canada!

And everyone else who entered will receive a small "consolation prize" since there were only 4 people total.

I have said this before... I think there is a link between cat lovers and letter writers. All four entries listed cats as one of their loves!

Not too long ago I found these two lovely books at Goodwill. I thought I would share the lovely cat illustrations with you now...
so cute!



  1. My now teenage daughter loved Catwings when she was little - we read the whole series several times. Just seeing the photo of the cover brings back good memories. =D

  2. Oh yay!!! I'm so happy!! :D :D

  3. hey, i saw you dropped out of IUOMA.
    are you still exchanging mail art?
    can i get your email??

    thanks! ;-D