Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Welcome Home Pile

This gorgeous pile of mail was waiting for me to return. The pictures don't do it justice.

Here are just a few of the individual pieces:

For a swap-bot swap for the Hundred Acre Wood group, all about children's lit.  I love this envelope! And here are the contents:

Rusty sent me TWO letters while I was gone. :-)

She wrote one of the letters on this cool paper with the stages of the moon.

And here are the backs of the envelopes. 
I love the zebra sticker!

Something is in the mail back to you right now Rusty!
My friend Dana sent me these awesome monkey envelopes that she made from a falling apart book.
Love them! Thanks so much Dana!!

More photos to come later.
Also... one of my blog readers recently wrote me a note saying that she wasn't able to comment on the blog.  I have also had this problem when trying to comment on other blogs that I read. Not sure why... but hopefully Blogger can fix it soon. 
Anyway, comments are nice, but a note in the mail is nicer! 
Feel free to send me a note via snail mail if you can't comment. 
I will be happy to send you something back!

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