Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two more Halloween Postcards!

Halloween postcard sent out to a swap-bot partner who liked pugs.
I had fun painting again. I hadn't done much since school started.
Most of my art supplies are still at my parents house... right now I'm just using one of those kids watercolor sets in the plastic containers.    :-\

And here is an incoming Halloween postcard! Very spooky! :-)

By the way, the USPS is counting down to Halloween on facebook.
Although they've never issued a Halloween stamp (darnit!) they are spotlighting past stamps that have spooky subjects. They are choosing one stamp each weekday until Oct. 31st, starting with the Edgar Allen Poe stamp. 
And I just have to brag a little bit here, because I love my home state of Maryland so much.  Though he was born in Boston, Edgar Allen Poe lived for a long time in Baltimore, MD and that is where he died and was buried.
An interesting bit of Baltimore history, for many years (since 1949) the mysterious Poe Toaster has visited Poe's grave on the date of Poe's birth, bringing a bottle of cognac and three red roses. Sadly the tradition ended last year when the Poe Toaster failed to appear.  You can read more here.

Something else that I'm proud of...
I LOVE the Baltimore Ravens, our awesome football team.  And they were named after Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven!  I believe they are the only football team named after a literary figure. :-)

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  1. Can you teach me to paint like that with kids' paints? So cute!!!