Saturday, January 21, 2012

Romare Bearden

I love these Romare Bearden stamps.  Before the stamps came out I had never heard of him, but I love his artwork now!

I find it interesting that they decided to place the stamps this way.  This is a full sheet; there are no stamps missing.  Why didn't they fit 4 more stamps on? Or why didn't they place them all evenly and shorten the sheet by an inch?  I'm glad that they placed them this way because there are nice big square selvage parts already perforated that I can turn into faux postage, but when I got the sheet it surprised me.

And here's some mail I've sent with them:

"Blown Away by Blue Handmade Envies" for swap-bot going out to a place I've never sent mail to before: South Africa!

Going out to JJ All the Way who I met through MailArt 365:

I did not draw this lovely envelope; I received it in a swap.  The artist sent one that was already colored in and one for me to color myself.  This is the one I colored... I had so much fun!  They should make coloring envelopes as well as coloring books. hmm, maybe I'll do that!

And a handcarved stamp sent to Becky as a thank you for a wonderful package of stuff she gave me:

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