Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mattie, the Australian Cattle Dog

First, some mail...

Cattle dogs come in two colors, blue heelers and red heelers.
Here's the blue,

and here's a red.

Both were sent from my parents.  My dad normally gets a cattle dog calendar every year, and that's what these lovely envelopes are made of. I especially love my mom's use of the Owney stamp with the second envie.

And now, here is our ferocious beast of a dog:
or Mattie for short

Do you think the grass looks suspiciously green for being in the middle of winter?
Well this last photo was actually taken May 7th, 2010.
Crazy Wisconsin weather!


  1. Lovely envelopes and Mattie is gorgeous. Not as beautiful as my ACD but close ^_~ LOL.