Monday, April 2, 2012

Mystery Gift!

 Just look at this amazing thing!

It arrived in the mail in a suspicious package that said something about paypal on it, and my birthday is coming up in about 2 months, so I had to check with Clay and my parents to see if I should open it.  Imagine my surprise when they were all as puzzled as I! Clay opened it himself just in case he had actually ordered it and then forgot about it, which is totally something he would do.  But he hadn't, so the mystery remains.  

Isn't it beautiful? I think it is cast iron.  

To my amazing anonymous gift giver, THANK YOU!! I love it!!!!!

And it works beautifully. At this point I've used it about half a dozen times.  

Thank you so much!!!!!  


  1. It certainly looks cast iron. :)

  2. I just love it! :) I got your letter today! I'll be posting it on my blog soon!

  3. I keep coming back. LOL. It 's a prop from Game of Thrones. :) That is so-o-o lovely.