Sunday, April 1, 2012


June 2nd of last year:


You can see that some things have moved around but it's mostly the same, that is to say, messy.

And I have less excuse now because I have the black and white drawers and the drawer/shelf combo on the left, which I did not have when we first moved in.

This is my space for mail art, letters, and school work : class planning, grading, and writing papers.  I would love to have a bigger area... oh my would I love that.

Well, we will be moving at the end of the summer, so maybe in our new house or apartment I'll be able to have some more room.

Things I like about my workspace:
My decorations on the wall, the bird mobile, my ribbon of postcards
My mail organizer on the left
More storage space than I've ever had, although I still want more!

Things I don't like about my workspace:
The plastic bin where I put my school stuff
That my laptop is basically like a desktop computer, because of all it's problems it is a big pain to move.  That makes my workspace seem a lot smaller.

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