Sunday, May 27, 2012

PENGUIN #21 A Book of Scripts

Adopted by Bonnie, aka STUFFellaneous, in Idaho

Bonnie wrote this really awesome quote on the postcard from the book for me.  What a beautiful way of thinking about writing, don't you think?

She sent me a letter besides the postcard saying, "A Book of Scripts is a history of fonts and writing (handwriting) styles. It is 2/3 full of examples dating all the way back to AD 114! An interesting read, but I mostly enjoyed the pictures of the different samples."

 Also look at the beautifully decorated envelope she sent it all in:
Bonnie, thank you so much for being part of my project!!!


  1. It was totally fun! Glad to be a part of your project! Happy Day!!!

  2. I saw the complete box set at the book store and loved the idea of it but left it as I don't have all that many people to send postcards too and only recently bought the where's wally ones. This is such a lovely idea in order to get a great pack and keep them moving too.