Friday, May 25, 2012

Wallace and Gromit from Patty!

I got a wonderful treat in the mail from Patty after I admired a Wallace and Gromit fold-and-send that she had send me...

A bunch of them for my own use!
 Let me take you through my emotions at the time.

A nice big envelope. Yay!

WHAAA???  SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!

**grinning like an idiot**

Since she had said she was trying to minimize her stash I didn't want to send her some stationery in return, but I got out my typewriter to send her a letter and thank you.

This is the envelope that I decorated for her. I had had this Punishment strip of paper forever and I was having a hard time on how to use it.  This time I kind of imagined a story... like the dog has been bothering those rabbits and his master, Gregory Peck, is frowny and stern. PUNISHMENT COMES ONE WAY OR ANOTHER DOG!!

Ah the flights of fancy...


  1. I love those Wallace and Gromit fold and mails! Patty is a great mail friend :)
    Also, the story you created for your envelope is pretty awesome.

  2. So much fun. I love seeing what you get in the mail, cheers, Pam

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed receiving W & G. Yesterday was our last day of the school year. Yippee! Let the summer mail art fun begin.