Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letters in the Park

Who is that letter going to??

I've been trekking over to the small nearby park a lot.  To eat strawberries, write letters, and read when alone... or to practice a little baseball with my boyfriend.  My back is really aching from swinging that bat yesterday!

Here is some recent incoming mail.  I love seeing mail I sent on other blogs and get very behind in posting the mail that I receive.  I plan to really try to keep up to date on that so that my penpals can have that pleasure.

mail from the Missive Maven, a new correspondent, Clara, and two wedding related invitations!  Thank goodness that everyone still sends real mail for that! :-D

from Tara

From Felicia in Canada. Such a cool stamp!

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  1. How lovely that sounds...eating strawberries in the park and reading and writing letters! It seems very peaceful and contemplative! Happy letter writing!