Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Modest Success

So, let's not bandy about the bush.  I had delusions of grandeur for sure.  I thought that any wanderers through the bookstore would see what we were doing and want to join in with all their heart and soul, because, hey if I saw this happening somewhere that would be my reaction!

Total participants: 8
We did attract 3 wanderers by... one of whom said that we had made her day! 
Others: myself, my boyfriend, Tara, her boyfriend, and Stephanie 

I had a super great time, although the first 15 minutes I was feeling really pathetic and like I had set up this whole thing for myself.

Tara and Stephanie brought yummy snacks, some even postal themed!

We made a huge spread of paper over 3 tables. All of us had brought things hoping to get rid of them, but we all went back with basically the same amount of stuff. Even though I have SO MUCH, it's always fun to use someone else's materials. I had a lot of fun with Tara's washi tape and stamps and also took home some of Stephanie's Pixar postcards.

Letters/Mailart I made at the social:

 trying to keep a little surprise for the recipients... who will get these??

I had so much fun at this event. I really want to have another one... I'll be moving to central Illinois at the beginning of August (my new address will be posted on the blog soon). So sadly I won't be able to plan anymore in Boston, but I think Tara wants to continue to have them in Boston or Providence.


  1. Good job guys and feel free to continue to get together. Even if its a small group, the positive energy and creative spirit are heart warming! Good luck in IL! The only vowel state in that area I have not lived in. At least you'll be closer to the Chicago action.

  2. That's sad that only so little people joined it, but maybe they thought it was somewhat a private event? That would be my explanation, as I totally would have loved to join but maybe also wouldn't have stepped in afraid I'd be bursting into something where I'm not supposed to be...
    Well, anyway, looks like you had fun!

  3. We had a big sign up saying free and open to all, so I think people just weren't interested. Oh well. We had fun with the people who were there!

  4. Oh this looked like so much fun! Even if the turn out wasn't great, at least you were having mail related fun! I wish I would stumble across one of these in a book store or anywhere really!

  5. really bummed I didn't make it. I'm still feeling craptacular most of the time and haven't been venturing out. your postcards look great, and I love those cookies!

  6. So glad you were able to host and create some great mail goodness at your event! I think it was a success based on your pictures.