Monday, September 17, 2012

eeBoo stationary

I think I was at Daedalus Books in Maryland several months ago when I picked up this cute stationary.  It's made by eeBoo and they say on the packaging that they are "Children's Stationary".  Psssh. What do they know?

I got two different designs, one "Peaceful Letter Papers":

 Nice bright colors and I thought they went perfectly with the Romare Bearden stamps.

The actual stationary is quite small, perhaps that's why they say that it's for children.  But it is still really nice for a quick note.  
And now we get to the "peaceful" part of it. Included are 20 stickers of a child's face and the word for peace in a different language.

very nice

And here is the "Lucky Letter Papers" set (stickers in this 1st photo aren't part of it) :

I don't understand some of the images in this set... there are papers of 5 designs, one with a shooting star as above, one with a 4 leaf clover, one with a horse shoe. Those are clear enough. But then there is a jumping hare/rabbit.  Perhaps for a rabbit's foot? And finally there is an elephant's head. Is there some lucky legend about elephants that I'm not aware of?

I really like this new stationary, but I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't for sale at Daedalus because I'm a cheap skate.  Or maybe because I'm unemployed.

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  1. A Rabbits foot is considered lucky :) My Mother has a pin badge of a rabbit foot to bring her good luck, I also think Elephant is suppose to bring good luck in Eastern cultures :)