Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A note about Christmas cards

Hello everyone,

The Missive Maven has a posting every year about how she doesn't do Christmas cards because she is Jewish and I wanted to share my stance.

I love Christmas and I enjoy sending Christmas cards, and I have a ton because it's easy to find them for sale in thrift stores.

If I correspond with you, PLEASE forgive me if I send you a Christmas card if you don't want one. I want to respect everybody's beliefs, but I'm kind of bad at keeping things straight and I write to a lot of people. So please forgive me if you don't want me to write to you on a Christmas card. Also with a lot of my newer penpals the subject hasn't even come up yet. Feel free to comment and tell me now.

That said, I won't send you a Christmas card with just my name signed, it'll be a letter. As happy as I am that people send more mail at this time of year, I do find it a bit disappointing that many people don't write anything in their cards!

Also, I'd be thrilled to receive any kind of holiday card from you, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid, Happy New Year, or Festivus for the Rest of Us! :)

Okay, and now here are a few letters from Rusty that I don't think I've blogged yet.

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  1. I don't celebrate Christmas (I'm Buddhist) but happily receive cards with best wishes for a happy new year. Any correspondence is good correspondence. And I recently received a letter from you. Reply is on its way!