Thursday, September 5, 2013

Envy vs. Action

One of the blogs I followed and loved is now defunct and a good friend of mine recently quit facebook, mostly for the same reasons.  Too much time spent online, feelings of envy and depression, taking away from time that could be spent creatively...

I have similar issues although I am not thinking of quitting blogging or facebook.  I am trying not to be so envious of things... Recently a friend and penpal found a spinning post card rack like you see in stores and I was happy for her but also a little envious. I was thinking about it and about how it's a perfect example of this type of envy. I would have no place to put such a thing! And it's really cool, but before I saw it I wasn't thinking about how much I wanted one! 

Or those awesome boots that my friend found for $5 at a yard sale that look just like the ones I had for horseback riding when I was younger.  All of a sudden they are brought to my attention so I really want them.

There's also the Ex Postal Facto event that Jennie Hinchcliff is putting on in San Francisco.  Man, that sounds so awesome. But there's no way I can go. But I've been wanting for a year to set up my own public letter writing event and I haven't made any progress towards it.  It's so easy to focus on the things you want and can't have than it is to focus on the stuff that you really could do, but would require some work.

So that is what I'm trying for. Focusing less on the stuff I can't/don't have, and more on the things that I could do, fulfilling things that would make me happy.


  1. As you know, I definitely am feeling you on these things. I'm all for starting to channel our energies into positive, creative things in the now. That letter writing event sounds awesome. If you ever want to start planning and need help, I'm your girl.

  2. Hi Emilie, found your blog via Sendsomething. This is such a nice way to put it, I never looked at it this way. I have a sister who because of her work flies to the most wonderful locations. It is hard not to be a little jealous but lately I have been managing better and better to just be happy for her AND happy I don't have to leave my children that often. We do great things closer to home. I'm definitely going to give this a try with "stuff" because that's my great pitfall... Iris-1970

    1. Thanks Iris. I think I have been doing better about this type of thing since I started focusing on it. Good luck to you too. :)