Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friends and Faux

In November I received a postcard from Friends and Faux after I entered the monthly "Lucky Draw".
Friends and Faux is all about faux postage, also called artistamps or cinderellas.
To participate you add on a faux stamp that you have created and then pass it on to someone else. 
I am just starting to get into faux postage and it's so much fun!

The stamp I had made turned out to be too big to fit into just one space. I hope that's okay!

Would any one like to try their hand at faux postage?? I will send the card on to the first person who wants it. I know a couple other people who make faux postage, but all of them have already done this project.  While I'd love to do another round, and I'm sure they would too, I thought I'd check to see if there were any new people who'd like to participate.


  1. I'm interested! I have wanted to try my hand at artistamps and this may be the motivation I need! What sorts of paper did you use for yours? Did you perforate with a sewing machine?

    1. Hey Tara,
      You got it!
      I used regular printer paper and I did perforate with a sewing machine. It took a few tries to get the width between the holes right. The other stamp on there has not been perforated. It was printed with those black dots to look like perforation. I really wanted mine to be perforated so that it felt more "real" but that's not mandatory.

    2. I kind of want to get the pre-gummed, pre-perforated paper but it seems I lost the website that was selling them! I don't have a printer but maybe I'll try my hand at collaging on printer paper and using the sewing machine.

  2. Was it the Olathe Post?

  3. if anyone needs to send one of these postcards somewhere, you can always send it to me. I guarantee fast turn around! I love your stamp, btw. I like the size of it as well.