Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mail of Holidays Past

I've been using my phone to take a lot of my mail photos lately, but I just used my real camera and realized I had quite a few photos on there too.
So without further ado...

Thanksgiving mail!

And when I got back from visiting family for Christmas, I had a lot of lovely mail waiting for me!

 mail, delicious mail!
Some awesome Star Wars stickers and a cool card from Tara
I love the Grinch!
Dana gave me this really cute Christmas tree card.
On the back was this sticker...
It's so perfect because her puppy's name is Olive. I think the sticker is from a book called "Olive, the other reindeer". And the photo is of Olive at her puppy school graduation! So cute!

 Not one, but two cards from Tenzin were waiting for me when I got home.

From guess who? StoneZebra of course!

A really fun envelope! I love bright envelopes! And a cool Dickens card from Becky

A horsey!! Christmas card from Alison (fellow LEP member) in South Africa.

I currently have 3 cards from Danielle that I need to respond to!

I've got a lot of writing to do! I can't wait to send everyone pink and red envelopes for Valentine's Day!

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