Wednesday, January 1, 2014

time for joy and time for cheer

 Christmas, Christmas time is here! (or past)
I've had the Chipmunks Christmas song stuck in my head for a while now and I learned that my fiancé hates it! Not like I think it's the greatest song, but I'm attached to it from childhood.

In any case, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Anyway, I thought I'd take some mail photos with my fir tree candle as a prop. It smells so wonderful!

 Received from Taradactyl

 sent to Taradactyl

 two outgoing Xmas postcards- made from a box of green Christmas lights I got at Goodwill, sticker selvage, washi tape and a couple old stamps.
and Christmas puppy gets a treat!

We've been traveling for the holidays and this is my mailart travel pack.
Inside are : stamps, gluestick, scissors, red and green markers, pens, address book, address labels, Xmas washi tapes, a box of assorted holiday cards, and a big batch of mail to respond to!
I really love the gingerbread house stamps this year!
Oh! For Christmas one of my gifts was the Harry Potter stamps!!
I wish that instead of stills from the movie the USPS had chosen to use illustrations, but maybe it only happened because of the movie tie-in. Anyway, they are still really fun and I'm so glad I have some!


  1. Wow, that is quite a travel pack!

    1. Yes! :) We had a lot of room because we drove, so I went all out!