Friday, March 14, 2014

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Happy Pi Day!!

On Friday last week I made fresh strawberry pie for the first time! It was a nice sunny day out, and not even that cold! When it was time to cool the pie crust I opened the window to help it along! It felt like the traditional image of a pie cooling on a windowsill. Unfortunately (maybe?) my windowsill is not large enough to actually accommodate a pie.

The recipe I used was from the Brown Eyed Baker: 

It calls for both corn starch and something called Sure-Jell (a type of fruit pectin) to thicken the sauce. I couldn't find Sure-Jell or any other type of fruit pectin at two grocery stores that I went to! I decided to just up the amount of corn starch a bit and it seemed to work fine!
The pie certainly tasted good! The strawberries did kind of fall off the crust after I cut the pie, so I don't know, maybe the pectin would have helped it stick together more.

the sauce...
which gets mixed in with a lot of fresh strawberries!

The crust kind of shrunk a bit when baked, which is interesting. You can see the little gap between it and the pan.


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  1. ummmm...yummmmm! Looks delicious! I'll be right over!