Saturday, April 12, 2014

NM mail

I sent out a lot of postcards but I only sent out one actual letter from New Mexico.
I used some pieces of a menu from Albuquerque to give it a New Mexico flavor.
Anybody else loving this Jimi Hendrix stamp?
We went to both the aquarium and the botanic gardens. The gardens were really wonderful. They had a lot of desert plants which I'd never seen before... Ones that lived in New Mexico and elsewhere.

Clay and I shared the posole. It's so delicious! I was concerned about the food in New Mexico because I don't like beans or ground beef and I don't like very spicy things either. But then I went and loved everything, even a soup Clay's grandmother made with beans AND ground beef in it!


  1. I bought a queenly sum of postage stamps on my last postage run but will not buy that Hendrix stamp. It looks nothing like him. Looks more like Lionel Richie. :)

    Love leads us to expand our palate, yes? Good for you!

  2. My dad also thinks they didn't really capture him. It's nice to see you back blogging Limner!