Sunday, May 25, 2014

Outgoing from December / January-ish

Hello friends,
So I've finally finished with teaching for the semester! After my normal semester I taught the first week of an intensive language course - 3 hours a day of class! It was quite a lot to prepare for!

So I'm really enjoying the beginning of my summer!

Because of being so busy with the end of school I haven't been sending much out, so I dug back in that annals of iphoto for some old mail that I hadn't yet blogged.

This is a beer tin from the bar where we go to "beer club". They have punch off cards, and you have to get a certain number of different kinds of beers. Bottles are $2 off, so it's a pretty cheap and very fun social ritual we have with our awesome group of friends here. After every 20 beers you get a "prize". One of the prizes was two beer tins. I sent one in the mail to a fellow beer lover.

Christmas in May!

Sigh, for the blurry photos....   I really loved those gingerbread stamps. I kept some for this year!

I love love love using sticker selvage like this. Shapes all of one kind are especially fun.

When postcards have one of those cute little stamp shapes on them I never want to cover them up with the actual stamp!

I made this strawberry love envelope soooo long ago. And it took me forever and ever to send it. I made it when those love stamps were released!

Rainbows and magic wands for Mary- who else?

I'll take a break there but there's lots more to come!
I am so looking forward to sending more mail this summer!!

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