Monday, June 23, 2014

Writing Gym

My fiancé goes to the gym several times a week with a gym buddy because it's much easier to make yourself do something when you'd have to cancel on another person. Clay and most of our friends are academics and they are all trying to write and get published in journals. They had the idea to apply this gym buddy idea to writing and now, twice a week they go to "writing gym". They meet at the public library with their laptops and spend an hour and a half writing, and not talking much. Earlier this week I went with them for the first time.

I brought a bunch of thank you notes I wanted to write for my bridal shower.

Handmade thank you cards inside some envelopes left over from a super cute stationery set.  I think the bird stamps are so beautiful. I love that there's an Baltimore Oriole on one! Go Maryland!

It was really nice to sit with company and work on them. I got ten done!

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