Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Wishes Update: 3 Musketeers!

9. finish reading The 3 Musketeers

I did it!
It took quite a while, but I finished. The ending got very exciting.  I already returned the book to the library and got two film versions to watch. One is a silent film from 1921 starring Douglas Fairbanks, and the other is the 1993 Disney version. I thought that that was the most recent one, but now I see another was made in 2011. I am eager to see how the ending was handled because it's really quite grim.

Also, we are making progress on...

8. find a new couch!
We are using wedding money to buy a new sofa! We are considering an Ikea couch, the Karlstad, but we also want to look around a little more first.


  1. Good job! I'm working on The Count of Monte Cristo... from what I can tell (TCOMC fans tell me) there is not a good , faithful film version of the book...does any one know of a good one for IF I ever finish it?

    1. Thanks Mrs. Duffy and Pam! Pam- I read the Count of Monte Cristo maybe 4 years ago and really loved it. When I was done I watched the French miniseries with Gerard Depardieu. It did depart from the book a bit and I think that they changed the ending, but I still really enjoyed it. Depardieu I thought did a great job as Dantes.