Monday, September 8, 2014

Get well soon

Do you remember Patty from Just Letter Rip? She's still recovering from her car accident.  All this and her address was posted on her blog with a call from Patty's daughter for get well cards. The address is also below, so think about sending a card!  Here's a letter I sent to Patty not long ago.
 I thought she might enjoy some well wishes from Gregory Peck and a similarly ailing bulldog.

And here is the address. Let's send her some lovely mail!


  1. dear Emilie I just found your blog through my friend Limners blog I also have a blog if you would like to correspond with me which I would dearly love please let me know and thanks . is the address on the corner of the blog still correct ? thanks .

    1. Hello phonelady! I have not been writing very many letters recently because of a huge increase in work. However, I will always eventually reply if you'd like to send me something. It might just be a while! The address at the corner of the blog is still correct.