Monday, December 15, 2014


I know I've been procrastinating and haven't blogged in a while, but I was really surprised to see that I hadn't blogged since October! And my well laid plans fell to waste because even though I prepared the give-away envelopes before posting about the give-away, I still didn't manage to send them out in a reasonable time.

So, the give-away. Only five people signed up, and instead of disappointing someone, I'm going to send everyone an envelope! If you entered the give-away by writing a comment, please send me your mailing address. You can email me at jouaient AT

This means you : Phonelady, Caddy, clcdark, and Pam Foster!
Limner, I already have your address.

And now, beyond whinging about my guilt...

Here's a stack of mail that was sent out in September:

On this one I put the stamp upside down so that the men look like they are standing up. heh heh heh

And I love this scene, so pretty. Mountains and water!

 This is one of my Wallace and Gromit fold ups, but I forgot to take a picture of the other side.

 This above envelope was made out of a piece of a lovely gift bag someone gave me last Christmas.
I really like these colors.

 Envelope made from an Arthur Rackham calendar. He has such fabulous and weird illustrations.

 two more fold ups, above and below. These are very nice for thank you notes, but normally I write longer letters, and if you can't seal up the sides, it's more difficult to have inserts. Although there are ways... suppose I could staple things on.

You can look forward to some more regular posting by me, at least over the winter vacation.



  1. you are like me in so many ways one way especially is the mail art , gotta say I love doing mail art and my pen pals enjoy receiving it ...they love it . take care and I will send you my addy in your email .

  2. I really enjoy your blog, letters and the pies! (I am a pie lover as well!) Blogging regularly is much more difficult than most people realize! It really is a discipline that I am slowly realizing my self! I had forgotten all about your color coded giveaway. My address is : Pam Foster 21861 Genito Rd. Amelia VA 23002. And thank you for it!

  3. I am the worst about sending things out. I have a letter sitting on my desk that disappeared under me putting things on top of it. I wrote the letter on November 24th and just discovered it a few days ago. I still haven't put it in the mailbox!