Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Adding Machine and a Letter to Anna

Occasionally I send letters to my friends in town, even though I see them several times a week. I sent this one to my friend Anna while I was on winter vacation. It's made out of a promotional thingy from Cricket. Even the Cricket ads have beautiful illustrations. I love how Bumble is just hanging out, blending right in.

There's a store in my town called PACA - Preservation and Conservation Association. It's a non-profit that takes old building materials and sells them. They have tons of old doors, metal hinges, drawer pulls, etc. I went for the first time yesterday with my friend Anna (recipient of above letter) because she's helping me to refurbish the entertainment center our tv sits on. We found some cool old brass plates that we're going to use and I also spied this cool thing:

It's not a typewriter. It's some sort of adding machine. All the keys are numbers. Pretty cool looking.


  1. That store sounds like fun! I love the adding machine.