Friday, January 2, 2015

Your Best Face

I just put this envelope in the mail last night, but I'm pretty sure that the recipient doesn't read my blog, so here you go!

I started the New Year off right (write) with some mail making!

and the back...
 I got some really fun packing tape for Christmas that you can see on the back of this envelope (and a little bit on the front). It has several different patterns that repeat. I love the dark, rich colors.

I finally used the Twilight Zone stamp that I've been hoarding forever. It was just too cool to send.
The images on the envelope were taken from a Washington Post magazine. The reason for this letter is that I read an article in the magazine by Gene Weingarten all about puns. And puns are my friend Joseph's thing. So I just had to send him the article.

I made this on January 1st and I also wrote two long overdue letters to penpals. I want to catch up on all my mail from last year before the new semester starts.

Wish me luck!


  1. Ahhh! I love the face. Good luck catching up on mail!! I'm hoping to catch up on 2014 mail before I get any 2015 mail.. hehe.