Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feb. 4th thru 7th

 Letter Mo is going really well for me. I've written at least one letter every day since Feb. 2nd.

The top letter here was for Feb. 4th.
Bottom letter on the 5th, as well as two of the postcards below.

The 3rd postcard was for Feb. 6th.
Feb. 7th was a pretty great mail making day. Sent three letters and a postcard.

I've broken out my Mod Podge which I never really used after buying it because it seemed so messy and I had to find a paintbrush. However, using doilies really eats up gluesticks, so I brought it out. It's not too bad, just a pain washing the paintbrush every time I think I'm done with it and then, it turns out, I need to use it again.

I love love love Valentine mail though. And doilies are one of the best parts!

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  1. Doilies are such a pain to use but they are so pretty. I do the same thing with my Mod Podge paintbrush. I've just started keeping a cup of (usually dirty) water on my desk.

    Pretty, pretty mail! :)