Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From Debs

I haven't blogged recently about incoming mail, but not because there haven't been tons of lovely things coming in.

Recently I got this lovely first letter from my friend Debs back in Maryland. I'd sent her happy birthday mail art and she replied back with this.
It is vibrant and fun just like her. She even incorporated something that I sent to her in it. Below you can see the "Celebrate" which she made by using this cut out thing I'd sent her in the card as a stencil.

This is kind of hard to see in a photograph, but these are holographic sort of stickers of saints (I think they're all saints). My favorite is this guy with his hand on his head looking bemused.

I love love love it when friends get excited about mail art. And I just made a couple of new friends right in town who are excited about it too! :)

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