Friday, February 6, 2015

January Mail

An outgoing letter to a good friend from college:
 I went to see the ballet, Sleeping Beauty, and I had to send Iryna a post card from it and tell her all about it because she was the one who really got me listening to Tchaikovsky. It was so beautiful.

Here is a letter from my mom with a copy of a letter from Madame de Sevigné, a great letter writer from the 17th century. A collection of her letters is on my "to read" list of postal books, but it was nice to read one letter as a teaser.
 In return I sent my mom the second postcard I got from the ballet and a letter... with a Julia Child stamp! My mom used to get Julia Child's tv show on VHS tapes from the library for us to watch. I really wish that you could get just a sheet of Julia Child stamps, instead of all the other chefs too.
Speaking of stamps, the Year of the Ram Chinese New Year stamps I pre-ordered should be arriving any day now!


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  2. Hi Emilie! Long time no write! Finally using those great postcards you made for Valentine's Day! I did a post about them over at Gray Dog Mail :-)