Friday, March 27, 2015

Back and forth to the dactyl in my life

After being penpals for a while it's pretty easy to identify most of my penpals from how they decorate their envelopes, or if they don't their handwriting, even before I look at the return address. Tara is one of these penpals with a distinctive style of collage. The fact that she frequently sends me dinosaurs helps too.     :)

 She's been experimenting with mixed media and I think it's really cool to see her using new mediums and how that changes her mail art.

In return for this lovely letter (chock full of dino bits too!) I sent her a packet made out of one of those things you used to get photos back in from the pharmacy.

Inside I used for the first time in forever, my sealing wax and seal. It's a quill feather... It's upside down in this picture. The LWA is now selling their own wax seal stamp set with a similar image! There's one with two crossed quills and another one with and envelope. They are only being sold in the members only section though.

I don't like using my sealing wax on the outside of envelopes because it's quite old and I'm afraid it will get scraped off or fall off during transit. So mostly I've used it to close sheets of paper and then put it inside the envelope. When I use up this wax I think I will buy some of the new flexible wax that's meant to be used in the modern post office.

And here is the inside, right before I'm going to tape it up!


  1. Hooray! I was so stoked to get your neato repurposed envelope!! You have the best ideas. The sealing wax was a nice touch, too! I'm waiting on a special pterodactyl stamper I custom ordered to arrive (with purple wax to boot!)

    1. That sounds awesome! Make sure to send me something with it when you get it!!! :)