Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Indianapolis trip

Earlier in February I went with my husband and a friend to Indianapolis for a day trip. It was a super great time even though it was frigid. First we went to a medical history museum which was AMAZING!
There were so many cool things... microscopes...

skeletons... they asked us to guess which was male and which was female. I got it right!
Can you tell?

The taller one on the right is the female.  I looked at the pelvic bones which are wider and flatter.


I love the movie Young Frankenstein, and this museum had me thinking of one of my favorite lines.
Abby... normal...

This is a really cool thing. It stamps a seal.

You can just see the words going round. I wish I could have stamped something with it.

We also went to a really small Kurt Vonnegut museum. The coolest thing they had was Vonnegut's typewriter. Such a great color!

I also had a Cuban sandwich for the very first time at this amazing little Cuban sandwich shop, owned by a father and daughter. It was fantastic. I wish the restaurant was here in Champaign; I would eat there allll the time.

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