Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lots of outgoing

A very magical envelope for a friend in town. The Luna stamp seemed the best match. I was a little sad that the whole image wasn't visible, but what can you do. After the lady a whole band of insect musicians follow her over the spider web. This was from an Arthur Rackham calendar.  I love love love his work.

Mail for Anna, also in town. I dropped this off in her mailbox myself when we were taking care of her cats while she was out of town, so instead of US stamps I used some that my sister in law gave me from her trip to Iceland!! The envelope is made out of a glassine type paper... It was a stained glass coloring book that I colored with Anna. I told her I'd make it into mail art and send it to her later.

A letter to my grandfather, who loves dogs. My mom gave me these dog stickers and I love them. This one, although it's a Saint Bernard, reminds me of Hubble because of that big ole head. I used a Fort McHenry stamp because it's in Baltimore, and my grandfather grew up in and around Baltimore. I love that we have a Fort McHenry stamp, but the stamp itself leaves a bit to be desired in my opinion. Maybe I've said this before, but the colors are too muddy.

A letter going out to my aunt in Louisiana.  I love drawing these crocodiles.

And another reptile for the back. This is from a reusable sticker book, and I will never buy them again, because what reusable really means is: doesn't stick well.  I put them on the envelopes and before I've mailed it they are coming off around the edges. I've started using them just on the insides of letters.

Another letter to a friend in town. I wasn't super happy with this side, a bit too much going on for my tastes...

 But I love the back, and it was for a friend who adores squish face dogs. I don't know what kind of collar he's got on though!

A letter to my parents made from a Gauguin poster.
 I always wanted to use this sticker "When are you getting married?" to send to someone who was actually going to get married, but it never seemed to happen, so I put it on a Gauguin envelope.

Another crocodile envelope! With a stamp to match!

I outlined the name first and then filled it in with gold glitter glue. Crocodiles only eat glitter, dontcha know.

All this mail was from back in March. I've been mailing pretty steadily.


  1. I always enjoy your colorful envelopes. I never know what Emilie mail is going to look like but I know it when I see it!