Friday, February 26, 2016

Total failure at LetterMo btw.

I made it a week and a half into Month of Letters. I was doing great, frequently writing letters in the morning or a quick postcard at night even if I was exhausted. But then I worked a ten hour day and went out immediately afterwards to celebrate with a friend who got a fly-out interview, and that was that. Oh, well. There's always all the rest of the Februaries of my life.
I did manage to send out quite a few Valentines though.

Congratulations if you made it to the home stretch!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Painting, Drawing, Bar Art

Since last fall I've been getting back into sketching and drawing and watercolors. I made a sketchbook over several months as a Christmas gift for my parents. These are a few of the pages.

It's been super nice painting again. I did a lot when I was in high school, but later mail art kind of took over my space and time.

I've also been doodling a lot with friends at bars. This is so much fun. It's bar art, or b/ar/t or {b(ar}t).

Friday, February 5, 2016

Through the looking glass

Clayton rearranged furniture and put up white string lights in my office while I was at work one day. I came home to find my mirror in the office and such a lovely magical reflection in it. My desk, the ficus plant, my hummingbird mobile, warm lights. As opposed to the quite bland white wall behind the mirror. Looks like a different room.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Start of Month of Letters and Valentines

It's that time of year again! Lettermo, where I try to write and mail a letter or postcard a day for the month of February. Some of these were done at the end of January, but on Jan. 1st I wrote two, Jan. 2nd I wrote one and after this blog post I'm going to do my day 3 letter. This is the first time I'll be trying to do this while also working a job where I have 10 hour shifts, so we'll see how that goes. Although I've never successfully finished the challenge before, so...

Anyway, Valentines energize me and I generally do very well in the beginning of the month when I want to make everything pink and crazy. For this month I'll be erasing the name and address of the recipients and posting the photos right away instead of waiting for them to arrive before putting up photos.

Clayton saw this (above) and said "Cute." Not what I thought his reaction would be. haha

As you can see I like my Valentines to be mostly goofy.

Anybody else trying Lettermo? Good luck!