Sunday, May 7, 2017


Some outgoing mail:

An envelope made from my pile of book dust jackets (given away by my library!):
A Ferris wheel and a banana split make a pretty good summer day... except that I am scared of heights and don't like bananas.

Security envelope with some drawings that I found in an abandoned notebook:
I just love that sticker. Are they groundhogs? Nutria? I have no idea.

These two are from a little while ago...
I think this was sent in March when the weather turned cold again and it snowed after a couple weeks of super warm weather. I was trying to embrace it.
In the background are our new curtains!!! 


  1. Hurray! Another person who doesn't like bananas!!! I get laughed at all the time because I don't like them.

    Really interesting outgoing mail! I don't have the patience to make beautiful envelopes.

    1. I know! People are just baffled if you don't like bananas. :)
      And thank you! Making the envelopes is one of my favorite parts of sending mail. :)