Monday, July 10, 2017

Enjoying the backyard

Spring and summer have been lovely.
The groundhog and squirrels continue to eat basically everything we plant despite the hot pepper wax spray, but we do have one cucumber of significant size that we could pick pretty soon!

Friday, July 7, 2017


Some semi-recent outgoing mail. I'm having some trouble getting my pictures from my phone to  upload on my computer, so none of my recent outgoing is on here. Trying to get that fixed!
So this is March/April.

I loved this piece! I knew I had to make mail out of that colorful Jelly Belly bag after I ate the contents. Although it did seem a bit cruel to send someone the bag with no Jelly Bellies in it.

 I have several fold-and-sends with cute little animals on them. They are a bit hard to use because they don't close up all the way, just fold in thirds... so I can only send them when I don't plan to write much, which is not frequently! :) When someone asks me a question on a postcard, the question takes up one line, but the answers are always much longer if they're going to be interesting.
 I've had this postcard for 6 years! I bought it in Boston from the artist at a craft fair thing. Love it.

I haven't been decorating my envelopes as much recently. I'm trying to use up my notecard stockpile pretty conscientiously, and many of the notecards have pretty envelopes already, so I just kind of roll with it. But a couple days ago I made an honest to goodness mail art envelope and it felt great. Fun to collage and cut and paste again. :)