Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hand Carved Stamps, Part Three

My most recent stamp: SNAIL MAIL!

Of course I just had to make a snail mail stamp. This one is also carved without tracing first, because I lost my tracing paper. (By the way, I'm a huge slob and the reason you never see photos of my work space is because it is super messy. Any other mail slobs out there? We can band together in the face of all the neat, organized people.)

Decorating an already beautiful envelope here...

Recently I participated in a swap for a Traveling Mail Art Kit inspired by the awesome Good Mail Day book by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Wheeler. There will be a longer post on that soon, but included in the two packages I sent out were some labels stamped with my stamps.

I haven't received my traveling kits yet, and I'm super excited about seeing what's in them!

Happy Mailing!!

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  1. Talk about a cute stamp!! All of the ones you made were very good. I may even have to try this myself. =)