Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stamps I'd like to see:

First off, I would love to see some Halloween stamps! That would be so awesome.

I've been thinking over who living I'd like to see on some US stamps now that they've changed the rules. 

So far my short list is just musicians:
1. Jimi Hendrix - who is American even though I'm always thinking he's British
2. The Talking Heads
3. The Pixies
4. Buddy Holly (yes, he and Jimi are dead and not affected by this rule change)

It would be really cool if we copycatted off the Royal Mail and did a series of stamps of famous American records.

As far as I can tell, someone has already been copycatting stamp ideas... look at these:


-very similar to the Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamps the US came out with-

Okay, and just to complete my British stamp envy:


completely not fair...

and now to find some British penpals...

1 comment:

  1. The record stamps would be so cool! I love whenever they come out with any music themed stamps.

    As far as people go, I really don't know who I would want featured on a stamp! Probably Ralph Nader, haha :)